Distribution of high quality charcoal


Charcoal for barbecues and fireplaces

At Biomadi, we work on the distribution of charcoal.

Our charcoal is an excellent option, offering exceptional performance thanks to the selection of woods used for its production.


We are proud to provide superior quality charcoal, made sustainably and environmentally friendly. We work with carefully selected suppliers who are committed to responsible production and material sourcing practices. This ensures that our charcoal meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Superior quality and sustainability in our charcoal

Our charcoal is designed to provide efficient and long-lasting combustion, generating intense and constant heat. In addition, its natural origin and the way it is produced preserves the flavor and quality of food, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience outdoors.


At Biomadi, we care about the environment and strive to promote sustainable practices in the use of biomass.


  • 15 kg Bag.
  • 10 kg Bag.
  • 5 kg Bag.
  • 3 kg Bag.
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Power and aroma with our charcoal