Distribution of EnPlus A1 certified pellets


Superior quality with certified pellets

At Biomadi, we specialize in the distribution of certified EnPlus A1 pellets. Our company is proud to offer the highest quality pellets, designed to provide superior performance and an energy efficient experience.


Our certified EnPlus A1 pellet is manufactured from 100% debarked pine wood, without chemical additives. We achieve maximum quality thanks to the selection of processes with the highest quality standards. This certification guarantees that our product meets the most demanding technical criteria, ensuring optimal heating value, clean combustion and a significant reduction in emissions.

Enjoy the HQ experience

Biomadi launches the HQ range with two premises:

- Guarantee of exclusivity by distribution area.

- Product homogeneity in terms of quality and format.


Our HQ range:

  • HQ Pellet: packaged in plastic, its low ash, high calorific value and low humidity make it the flagship of the range.
HQ Pellet Technical Sheet
  • HQ Nature: packaged in paper, it is a commitment in the field of environmental sustainability. The highest quality of HQ pellet now in a format that is more committed to the environment.
HQ Nature technical sheet


  • Bag
  • Big bag
  • Bulk
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Guaranteed energy efficiency with HQ PELLET