HQ Pellet Technical Sheet



Debarked pine wood pellet, certified by EnPlus A1. Product 100% of Spanish origin, compatible with all types of pellet stoves and boilers. Without additives or chemical substances, making it an environmentally friendly option.


Identification number: ES345


Product characteristics

Diameter: 6mm
Humidity: 4,8%
Ashes: < 0,55%
Mechanical durability: > 98% Thin: < 0,3%
Net heating value: > 5% Kwh/kg
Apparent density: < 700 kg/m3
Nitrogen: < 0,3%
Sulfur: < 0,04%
Chlorine: < 0,02%


Why HQ Pellet

HQ Pellet stands out for its exceptional power, thanks to its high energy content and purity. This results in higher combustion efficiency, lower pellet consumption and a significant reduction in emissions, thus offering a more powerful and sustainable solution for your heating and energy needs.